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Recreational Target Shooting in Redington Pass

One Less Spark One Less Wildfire

US Forest Service FIRE RESTRICTIONS prohibit Campfires, Target Shooting May 1, 2018 until further Notice

Don't let target shooting end in a wildfire. Be prepared with these SAFE SHOOTING PRACTICES. Learn more about the One Less Spark One Less Wildfire campaign.

A Study of Ignition by Rifle Bullets (USDA / Forest Service document)

Safety and Respect

The best practice and advice for those who utilize the forest for recreational target shooting is safety and respect – safety for not only you and your party, but also safety for others who may be utilizing the forest lands. And respect not only for others, but for the Forest and its lands.

It has been observed that, over the years, the majority of recreational target shooters have sought sites within the forest boundaries that are both safe and convenient. While over 100 sites along Redington road have been identified, most of these have been closed due to over-use. The Forest Service has an obligation to protect the land for the future, and the surest indicator of over-use is an accumulation of trash. As a result, the majority of these sites have been closed, as is evidenced by the numerous sign posts along the length of Redington Rd.

It is generally recognized that needs vary from party to party. For example, parties with children generally seek more solidary or secluded sites, where the environment is well controlled. There are sites that are well controlled, but nowadays they are more remote.

Remember, the Western Slope (up to milepost 6.3) is closed to recreational target shooting due to the high density of forest users and the paucity of adequate backdrop for recreational target shooting. Also, where target shooting is allowed, please follow the the appropriate laws. For example, national forests and grasslands adhere to CFR 36 which allows shooting under the following conditions:


Popular Areas for Recreational Target Shooting Include:

Milepost 6.3 on Redington Rd: The legacy site at milepost 6.3 (on the north side of the road) is the first, and most accessible site.

FR 4436 and 4435: Other sites which are also popular are further into the forest, and generally require higher ground clearance vehicles, as most of the sites that are accessible by passenger cars have been closed. These sites are along forest roads 4436 and 4435. These sites are generally accessible by light truck.

Forest Rd 4436 has three or four popular sites within 1000 ft. of Redington Rd. These sites are heavily utilized, and are subject to over-use. Please remember to police these areas as to prevent their closure. These are short range sites, with ranges between the 20-25 yards.

Forest Rd 4435 constitutes a small road system within an isolated valley, and has a number of popular sites, with various ranges and various backstops. Please be aware of sharp rocks that can slice tires and be prepared to straddle road hazards. If you are unfamiliar with the area, please walk your shot line and peer over your backstop. In this area there may be a road just over the ridge line. Deeper into the road system there are two sites with good backstop, that are popular with the long rifle, with ranges between 50 and 100 yards. There are also several isolated sites that seem to be popular with those seeking secluded, well-controlled environments. Please remember that it is illegal to shoot on or across a body of water, such as a cattle tank.