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Q: Is a vehicle license or permit required for OHV travel in Arizona? 
A: Yes, Arizona Law requires all vehicles used off highway and meeting the following criteria to display an off-highway vehicle decal:

Decals can be purchased at the Arizona DMV, or at Remember to always stay on designated trails, and tread lightly!

Q: Does the OHV decal authorize OHVs to operate on Redington Pass Road? 
No, the OHV decal is not valid for on-road use. Redington Pass Road is a county road. OHV operators must have a valid registration, driver’s license and insurance to operate legally on-road and meet all Arizona requirements for a street legal vehicle.

Q: Are there designated staging areas for OHV travel in Redington Pass?
A: Yes, there are two designated OHV staging areas. The first, Three Feathers, is just past mile marker 7. The second, at mile marker 10, has a restroom and loading ramps for quads and dirt bikes. A road licensed vehicle is required to stage prior to Three Feathers.

Q: What safety measures should be taken when engaging in OHV activities at Redington Pass?
A: Let someone not in the group know where you are going, and when you expect to be back. Contact the person when you return and pre-determine a time that they should contact Search and Rescue if you have not returned. Also, travel with at least two vehicles and take plenty of food and water. It is best to have a map or GPS device (bring extra batteries) and travel with someone who knows the area. Bring tools for vehicle repairs and provisions for an emergency camp if possible. Flat tires are the most common breakdown. Also be aware that you will likely encounter other users/residents that will be sharing the same trail. This includes hikers, bikers, horseback riders, hunters, wildlife and livestock. Watch your speed, especially on blind corners. Always be alert and courteous to others. Non-motorized users have the right of way.

Q: Are helmets required by Arizona Law?
A: Helmets are required for all UTV, quad and dirt bike riders under 18. Helmets and full body armor is recommended for all quad and dirt bike riders.

Q: Is cell service available at Redington Pass?
A: On the Western Slope with a line of sight to Tucson, cell service is available. Once you get past approximately mile marker 5, cell service is very spotty at best. In an emergency situation, if cell phone communication is the only option, try getting to a high altitude if possible.

Q: What options are available for emergency communications?
A: Satellite phones are an option, but are relatively expensive. SPOT makes a Satellite Messenger that can be used for sending pre-determined emails or distress signals to Search and Rescue. It is a small and relatively economical device and requires a subscription. Garmin makes a variety of devices that include a satellite distress signal, and two way satellite texting functions. Prices vary depending on the device and subscription options. All require a clear view of the southern horizon. New devices and options are frequently becoming available.

Q: Are there local OHV clubs that have group rides?
A: Yes. Trail Riders of Southern Arizona (dirt bikes and dual sport motorcycles) and Tucson Rough Riders (4WD vehicles) are two off-road organizations with representatives on the FRP Board of Directors. Links for both are shown below. Additional formal and informal organizations exist in the area, and can be found online.
Trail Riders of Southern Arizona
Tucson Rough Riders

Q: What is the difficulty level of the trails?
A: Most trails in the Redington Pass area are at least moderate and require high clearance, off-road tires and an experienced driver. It is recommended that you go with someone who has experience driving off-road and knows the area. There are some trails dedicated to quads and dirt bikes, but may also be used by non-motorized users. 

Q: Where can maps and trail information be found?
A: Maps can be found at the Catalina Forest Service office at Sabino Canyon. In addition, USFS Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) can be obtained electronically from the USFS for use on your smartphone at the following link: Coronado National Forest Motor Vehicle Use Maps

Q: Is camping allowed at Redington Pass?
A: Yes, camping is allowed unless marked otherwise. There are no designated camp grounds, but plenty of unofficial sites. The only restroom facilities are at mile marker 10 (OHV staging area). Always leave your campsite clean, and ensure any campfires (when allowed) are put out completely with water.

Q: Where can additional Arizona OHV information be found?
A: Additional information can be found at the following links:
Arizona State Parks OHV Program
Arizona Game & Fish
Arizona State Trust Land