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Collaborative Area Management Plan

The Friends of Redington Pass (FRP) is currently developing a Collaborative Area Management Plan (CAMP) for Redington Pass, as recommended in the 2013 Coronado National Forest (CNF) Draft Forest Plan Revision.

The CAMP process addresses the need for sustainable future use of the Pass through a unique public participatory approach in which spatial data and local knowledge help collaborative decision-making by providing concrete, specific information about issues and “hot spot” focus areas on the Pass. This process began in Spring 2014 with a public community meeting in which over 150 participants used a detailed map of the Pass to pinpoint personal favorite and trouble spot areas and completed a survey about their specific uses and interests regarding the Pass. This initial data helped FRP determine what further information was needed to begin discussing the CAMP.

FRP then posted an online community survey and met with individual interest-groups (organizations, clubs, individuals, and agencies) in Fall 2014. A second public meeting in November 2014 was organized to share the results of that data collection effort, which included a list of shared values held by visitors to the Pass and key issues that needed to be addressed in the CAMP. Participants were encouraged to volunteer to serve on one of four issue working groups focusing on recreational shooting, recreational access, highly used areas, and user conflicts. FRP then composed each working group based on the applicants’ stated interests, familiarity with the Pass, connections to formal organizations and informal networks, as well as the need to balance the interests within each group. The four working groups have been meeting monthly through Spring 2015 to develop management options for the CAMP. An April field trip also brought working group members together out in the field at stops along Redington Road and at different locations in the Pass, including staging areas and pull offs, the Race Track area, the currently closed and potential new sites for recreational target shooting, the Arizona Trail trailhead, and Chiva Falls. Research will continue over the summer and the working groups will complete their draft recommendations in the Fall 2015. An integration group has also been meeting monthly to review the overall progress of the working groups.

The results of this collaborative effort will be shared at a third community meeting as a draft set of recommendations. That draft CAMP document will also be available for public review and comment on the FRP website. The final CAMP document will then be presented to the CNF for further consideration and possibly formal environmental (NEPA) review. The FRP plans to continue its commitment to Redington Pass through assistance in implementing the CAMP, further monitoring, and adaptation of management recommendations in the future.



Friends of Redington Pass, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.