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Bicycling in Redington Pass

Redington Road pavement ends at approximately milepost 3 and is typically used for mountain biking rather than road biking. The area has challenging trails and roads because of elevation changes (steep trails) and difficult terrain (rocks, sand, etc.).

Q: How difficult are the roads and trails for bicycling?
A: Redington Rd (FR 371) is a beginner skill road and condition varies with the season as the road can deteriorate due to use and weather. The first 4 miles of FR 371 gain over 1000’ in elevation and is challenging. Generally, the roads branching off of FR 371 soon require at least intermediate skills with some sections requiring advanced skills. The Arizona Trail requires beginner skills and is single track. 

Q: What are best areas or trails for bicycling?
#1 on the list is the Arizona Trail (AZT) and there are many loops that can be done both north and south of FR 371 (or both). The AZT ends for bicyclists to the south at the Wilderness border (athough the AZT continues across the Rincons) since mechanized vehicles are not allowed in Wilderness. The #2 popular ride is to Chiva Falls. This road usually has other users, often motorized, and is very challenging. The road is easily shared with others and Chiva Falls is particularly beautiful when water is running in spring and late summer (see Weather page for warnings). The #3 best area is everywhere else. There are many jeep roads that are remote and can be done as loops or out-and-backs. There are also advanced trails such as Milagrosa and Agua Caliente. Don’t forget to be prepared: helmet, water, sunscreen, appropriate clothing, spares, etc.

Q: Where can I get more information?
Tucson has a strong bicycling community and most bike shops will have current info on Redington Pass. Contact your shop and ask. If they don’t know, chances are they will know someone who does. Tucson Off-Road Cyclist and Activists (TORCA) and Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (SDMB) are two of the local clubs that are active in Redington Pass and can provide info. Also, you can check to see if they’re organizing rides in the area.