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FRP Expands its Role: January 2014

Friends of Redington Pass began as an organization dedicated to improving conditions on Redington Pass. Its early membership included local hikers, dirt bikers, horseback riders, hunters, and nearby residents. Initially FRP focused on safety concerns around the shooting areas near Mile Marker 6 and the interests of non-motorized recreationists. Over the past three years, FRP has reached out to all recreational users in the Pass and learned more about its many highly valued resources and diverse recreation interests as well as the persistent challenges to assuring safe, clean, and enjoyable conditions on the Pass now and in the future.

FRP has also learned that in order to meet those challenges, the Pass needs a strong inclusive network of all user groups to work alongside CNF and other public agencies. We recognize that we cannot achieve our original mission nor a broader more inclusive one unless we also generate a more proactive interest in the Pass and lean forward to anticipate and advocate for a better future for the Pass. We must work to bring people together for the sake of the Pass and our individual and shared interests.

As a consequence, FRP has expanded its vision, mission statement and objectives as well as the composition of its board to pursue a new role as an umbrella organization of all friends of Redington Pass. We will work together to provide a balanced and open forum to discuss those differences and seek to reach shared goals and strategies together.

We therefore are expanding the FRP Board to include the full range of demonstrated users of Redington Pass who can represent and have standing within their orgazinations.


FRP Beginnings: Fall 2012

In the spring of 2010, the Coronado National Forest (CNF) alerted the public to their proposed revision of the Coronado National Forest Working Draft Management Plan (CNF-WDMP), dated March 2010. This galvanized the interest of several people living near Redington Pass. On March 18th, we convened an open meeting with the District Ranger, Stan Helin, and representatives of Game and Fish and the County Sheriff’s office to discuss issues and answer questions about the plan and conditions along the Pass.

Under the umbrella of an informal working group that has come to be known as the “Friends of Redington Pass,” we registered our concerns through comments submitted April 30 to the Forest Service that were formally endorsed by the LCE Board, the Forty Niner’s Homeowners Association, Rinconado Estates Homeowners Association, Tanque Verde Guest Ranch, Cascabel Working Group, Cascabel Hermitage Association, Saguaro Juniper Corporation, Sky Island Alliance, and Environmental and Cultural Conservation Organization. One hundred and ten individual endorsers also signed on to the comments concerning the CNF-WDMP.

A second opportunity arose to provide input to CNF when they issued a draft Environmental Assessment of Proposed Changes to Motorized Travel System. During the summer of 2010, a core group of volunteers went on several field trips with Forest Service personnel to study the road conditions and discuss specific recommendations for road authorizations, improvements and closures. This led to the submission of formal comments on behalf of the Friends of Redington Pass on September 19th .

We have continued to develop the FRP and expand our understanding of the issues and progress in Redington Pass.



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Friends of Redington Pass, Inc. is a 501(c)3 charitable organization.